Luckily, Vegas

Luckily, Vegas

A free novella

By Mikaela Snowe

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Ronnie Roberts isn’t that girl.

She’s not the girl who gets the job, the accolades, the cute guy with the cheeky grin.

In fact, Chase – that’s the guy with the cheeky grin – friend-zoned Ronnie ages ago.

Being called “best bud” at a family wedding leaves very little room for interpretation.

So, no, Ronnie’s not that girl. She’s the one in the back office. Proofreading hospitality copy. At a two-bit Vegas newspaper. Watching the real reporters submit their typo-ridden articles for the yearly journalism contest.

Not that Ronnie is bitter. She’s accepted her lot.

We can’t all be lucky.

But then Chase offers Ronnie the scoop of her lifetime: an interview with over-the-top motivational speaker Dirk Cowboy. It makes her wonder whether her luck might be turning. Can she get the accolades and the job and . . . well, not the guy. Of course never the guy.

She can’t be that lucky.

Can she?

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