Coming soon! Temp-ing Fate (That's a working title) ~ Mikaela Snowe

Coming soon! Temp-ing Fate (That’s a working title)

I’ve been hard at work on book 4 of the Career Misfits Romantic Comedy Series. Our heroine Tulip faces a task she’s done loads of times before: Impersonating her twin sister Diana. Only these two ladies couldn’t be more different. Diana is an accomplished scholar with her doctorate in Psychology. Tulip dropped out of college and works as a temp. This time around, Tulip will have to pretend to be accomplished too, and she’s not sure she’s up to the task.

Ah, yes. Impostor syndrome. Only Tulip is a bona fide impostor.

What attracted me to this project is that most of us, at one point or another, feel as though we’re not really doing what we should be doing with our lives. What’s off could be our careers or our economic status or our ability to cook toast without burning it.

Wait, you don’t cook toast? You toast it? Oh, that explains a lot.

And Tulip is no different. Although she will struggle in Temp-ing Fate (working title) to punch above her weight, deep down, what really bothers her is that she isn’t living up to her own potential.

If only she could figure out what that potential is.

I’ve got a rough draft of the blurb drawn up. Check it out below. Book 4 will be out at the end of summer 2019. By the way, would you like to be notified when I release the book? Mosey on down to the yellow “Know what’s going on” sign-up form on the right or bottom (depending on your device).


Fake doctorate. Fake boyfriend. Fake identity. Here’s one temp job that’s tempting fate for sure.

Tulip is a professional temp, but she’s about to face the most daunting temp job of her career: She’s got to pull off being her genius identical twin sister Diana for a day. But Tulip can do that. She’s done it loads of times. So what if she has to schmooze with a bunch of Psychology professors at an elite summer program on O’ahu? Pffft. Please. It’s not like Tulip will have to teach, for Pete’s sake.

Only, well, it’s not really working out so hot. When someone falls ill, everyone turns to “Diana” to save the day. Suddenly, Tulip discovers the burden of this full-time commitment normal people call their “workday.”

If Tulip fails, it’s not just her own reputation that’s at stake. Her sister’s very job now hangs in the balance.

Oh, and what about that fake boyfriend? He’s tall. He’s chiseled. He’s got great – doesn’t matter. Because we already told you, he’s her fake boyfriend. (Keep up!) And he could never fall for a dropout like Tulip.

Will Tulip’s latest temp job be her undoing? Or will she discover that she’s a smarter cookie than she ever gave herself credit for?

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