It's got a title. It's got a cover. It's almost alive! ~ Mikaela Snowe

It’s got a title. It’s got a cover. It’s almost alive!


Luckily, Vegas (yup, that’s the title) had its cover come in this week. That means one thing.

I got to finish that final polish so the book can go live for real.

I didn’t finish this novella as soon as planned because it changed direction entirely. The initial idea came about one night when my husband and I were lobbing ideas back and forth about what sort of gift I could write for my Coffee Klatch. (That’s the reader group. If you’re not a part of it and would like to get Luckily, Vegas when it comes out, you can sign up on the right where the arrow is pointing. ARROW: ——->)

How billionaires turned to quadrillionaires turned to . . .

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to do some sort of spoof of billionaire romances, only I’m completely competitive and decided to make the billionaire a quadrillionaire. Early title ideas included My Cowboy Quadrillionaire Caper and My Fake Cowboy Quadrillionaire Boyfriend.

And then, the book took a completely different turn. In other words, it’s not a spoof of billionaire romances (although I did get a line in about quadrillionaire romances, just for fun.) It turned into a modern rewrite of Cinderella, only my Cinderella is named Ronnie, and she cleans up typos, not fireplaces.

Which means, among other things, that her nails are cleaner.

That doesn’t mean the quadrillionaires are dead.

I’m still letting ideas percolate on how I could incorporate quadrillionaires into a series. I can see it now. My tagline would be something like: This isn’t billionaire romance. This is quadrillionaire chick lit.

It’s a work in progress. We’ll see.

For now, I need to focus on finishing up Luckily, Vegas. In the meantime, check out the description below.


Ronnie Roberts isn’t that girl.

The girl who gets the job, the accolades, the cute guy with the cheeky grin.

In fact, Chase – that’s the guy with the cheeky grin – friend-zoned Ronnie ages ago.

Being called “best bud” at a family wedding leaves very little room for interpretation.

So, no, Ronnie’s not that girl. She’s the one in the back office. Proofreading hospitality copy. At a two-bit Vegas newspaper. Watching the real reporters submit their typo-ridden articles for the yearly journalism contest.

Not that Ronnie is bitter. She’s accepted her lot.

We can’t all be lucky.

But then Chase offers Ronnie the scoop of her lifetime: an interview with over-the-top motivational speaker Dirk Cowboy. It makes her wonder whether her luck might be turning. Can she get the accolades and the job and . . . well, not the guy. Of course never the guy.

She can’t be that lucky.

Can she?

Want a sneak peak of the first chapter? Click here.