More Christmas fun coming soon! (P.S. Ignore the title.) ~ Mikaela Snowe

More Christmas fun coming soon! (P.S. Ignore the title.)

I’ve been spending more time than expected planning the Christmas novel, set to release sometime in November. Just like last year’s Christmas story, I’m working on this with romance writer Michael Avena. We haven’t settled on a title yet, but above, you’ll find a sneak peek at the cover. (The title you see is a placeholder, but we hope nonetheless that you do have a merry Christmas when it rolls around.)

We can, however, reveal the couple. Fee (short for Felicity) and TJ will be the ones to drive each other crazy!

For those of you who have read Luckily, Vegas, you’ll notice the VW Bug on the cover. Could this Christmas story be that same Bug’s origin story? You’ll have to read it to find out!

(By the way, if you haven’t read Luckily, Vegas, you can grab your copy for free from here.